We Moved!

It’s been 9 months since Sam and I launched Night Shift, and within that time a lot has happened. My MacBook has frozen about a billion times (I admit I punched it at least three of those times), I actually saw Sam get mad (hahaha), Google Drive has randomly chosen files to corrupt so that […]

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Textures of Digital Spaces

Five years ago there was an eruption of enthusiasm about the radical idea that maybe pixels shouldn’t pretend to be made of leather. We reached a watershed moment that allowed us to unload the baggage of old metaphors and create new ones.

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The New Alternative

It looked like Dropbox was going to be the next big thing. When they launched, they introduced a new type of technology to the public that changed the way they thought computers and how they are used.

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Night Shift Studio | 1 in a Million

One in a Million. Maybe More.

I’ve always had a specific idea of what I see when I say the word design. This thing, this concept, which is broad enough to apply to any human creation, but modest enough to avoid implying any actual quality of its own.

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Night Shift Studio

Which Way to Sway

Throughout my career, I’ve frequently questioned where I should focus my attention. My work experience is a bit of a mash-up as I’ve often swayed in different directions, never really knowing where I belonged

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