Which Way to Sway


Throughout my career, I’ve frequently questioned where I should focus my attention. My work experience is a bit of a mash-up as I’ve often swayed in different directions, never really knowing where I belonged.

Fresh out of college, I started working at boutique design studios where my focus was primarily print and packaging. Eventually I moved to Toronto to work in advertising where my focus shifted entirely to web. After a couple of years, I made the switch again, except this time to tech and teaching which was an even combination of both design and digital. Evidentally my flight path formed a zigzag rather than a straight line. I clearly had a tough time choosing which discipline I should pursue. I felt like a misfit.

To add to the confusion, I also co-created Foxhat, a lifestyle brand, where our very first product was illustrated gift wrap; a far leap from building websites and designing digital products. The only thing that linked all these ventures together was that I followed my gut, even if it didn’t make sense on paper.

As a result, I’ve had many interviewers tell me that I should consider specializing because my work is too diverse making it hard to position me within their framework. I understand this perspective and I think it works for some but it never has for me. I thrive on diversity and on being a generalist.

Although I have enjoyed the opportunities I’ve received to carve this zigzag over the years, one thing remained consistent. I was always looking for something else. No matter how great my 9-5 was I would still come home and work on freelance projects or Foxhat because I had creative freedom.

Ultimately I think that’s what lead me to the idea of Night Shift. It’s the idea of turning a passion project into the real deal. Looking back it seems obvious that I would arrive here, but it took 10 years of following my gut. A small design studio is an ideal place for a generalist and now I feel like I’m at home.

This is Night Shift.

Together, we care about working with like minded individuals who share the same firey passion as we do. What keeps you up at night?

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