Our skills were honed from working on passion projects that kept us up at night.

Now we’re looking to drive that same passion and care into your business.

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Natasha remembers the feeling. She’s a black and white thinker. She has a decade of experience and is a self-taught web developer and is most proud of the year she taught web design at a college institution. Her passions are nestled within the mountains and the outdoors. Her cocktail of choice is dark and stormy. She also co-owns Foxhat, a lifestyle gift-brand. For her, it’s all about authenticity.


Sam remembers the details. He’s an abstract thinker. A talented illustrator, designer and photographer, he brings cross discipline expertise into new areas. His passions are tied between rock climbing and the pages of a good book. He also owns Muro, a lifestyle brand. For him, it’s all about words with meaning.

Together, we care about working with like minded individuals who share the same firey passion as we do. What keeps you up at night?

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